Bullet-Proof Ways To Add Texts To Fabrics

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Bullet-Proof Ways To Add Texts To Fabrics

Bullet-Proof Ways To Add Texts To Fabrics

So, you’ve finally successfully finished your sewing project. But now it seems a bit too plain and simple. Feel the urge to embellish it? To make it your own and unique? Well, nothing will add a dash of personality to your clothing pieces like adding some letters in a form of meaningful message. There are very easy ways to add texts to fabric and to have a lot of fun in the process.

No matter what technique you’re using, the results will be fantastic. When you know how to add text to materials, you can turn any dull clothing into a statement. You can even revive your favorites ruined with small, yet unwashable stains. The sky is the limit, and this guide will show you all the creative and fun ways of adding texts to fabrics.

First Of All – Choose An Original Message

Almost any clothing shop you enter will have at least T-shirts with some kind of writing on them. From a dollar store to the high-end designer’s boutiques – it’s a popular trend that’s here to stay.

And some messages on clothing don’t even make any sense. Or they are too generic.

Why would you waste all that time and hard work in sewing something and adding text to it just to resemble like its bough in a mall for a few bucks? There’s no point in that. So before you decide on the technique you want to use to add text to fabric, you should think long and hard about the message you’ll be wearing.

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Create some original writing that will express your personality, bold statement or even the cause you’re feeling passionate about. Something unique that best reflects you. Of course, not all have a gift for making catchy phrases, but if you don’t have a better idea – your name will suffice just fine.

After all, if there are generic brands printing names on clothes, they are very rare. The chances are extremely slim you’ll walk into a shop and buy a shirt with your name on it. And if you make it on your own, it will become a special and authentic piece, just like you are.

Add Texts To Fabrics via Heat Transfer Papers

Commercially available, this type of paper usually comes in the standard letter size that can fit common printers. There is specially made heat transfer equipment for commercial uses, but at home, the ordinary iron will suffice.

The process is quite easy, especially if you buy ready-cut freezer paper sheets which are very affordable. For example, 30 sheets of Quilter’s Freezer Paper will cost you around $15. Simply iron the sheet with a dry iron to your fabric and it will transfer the text to the material.

Pre-cut Iron-on Letters

For those who want to create their own text, the pre-cut fabric letters are a much better option. They come in many different fonts and designs. Colors are versatile, and some letters also come glittered, appliqué and embroidered or like patches with embroidered edges. Options are endless, as well as the possibilities of making something unique with this method.

Speaking of a method, it’s a piece of cake – place the letters where you want them printed, cover them with a press cloth and place an iron on top, and hold it per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Add Texts To Fabrics With Buttons

Sewing buttons in a way to form a letter/text you desire is an excellent way to express your creativity. Surely, this method is more time consuming than the two above. Still, the result will be more interesting and if you love sewing, you will have a lot of fun while making it.

If you’re sewing on a lot of buttons, you can sew them on the sewing machine if you know how to. However, the best effect will be if you sew buttons with hand. It will give you full control of the desired direction and position of the writing.

If you’re not a fan of buttons, the same effect could be made with sequins and beads as an alternative, using the same process.

Try Fabric Marker

For those who have a steady hand and nice handwriting (being good at calligraphy is a big plus), fabric markers might be the perfect fit. They come in all kinds of colors and don’t wash away so easily. When it fades, you can always add another layer of text to fabrics. Keep in mind to make your fabric steady so it can’t move when you write on it.

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Puffy Fabric Paints

Another fun way to add text to fabrics is by using puffy textile paints. These paints are easily applicable since they come in tubes with pointed tips. So, using them will feel like writing with a pen. The fun effect they have lays in the fact they remain embossed as they dry.

You can find them in any color and various shades. Puffy fabric paints even come in neon colors or dazzled with glitter.

Hand Or Machine Embroidery

With this technique you can add text on fabrics in the font you fancy and with any the thread you like. At the same time, it is the most durable way to embellish your fabrics with text.

The key is to first write on the fabric lightly with a pencil. That way, you will have a guideline to follow as you sew and minimize the chances of making a mistake.

Embodied writing on the blouse - the most durable way to add text to fabric

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Is Glue Gun An Option To Add Text To Fabric?

A glue gun is one of the most common tools used in.

The internet is flooded with DIY craft videos featuring glue gun hacks. It seems like this silicon-based glue can tightly glue anything together – from broken ceramic mug to the car parts. Some of the hacks are quite useful, while others simply don’t work.

Also, in such videos, there are many examples of its usage on fabric, including adding text to it, like in the video bellow:

While possible in theory, it is a solution that will last until the first wash at best, if you’re lucky. Since this type of glue isn’t made specifically for fabric (rhinestone applicator is a different thing), it will peel off quickly. Not only that, but it will leave hard stains, impossible to get rid of.

So stick to the proven methods and don’t fall to misleading videos. Each of these techniques is quite affordable and very simple to execute. Also, they are fun and creative ways to add text to fabrics, but more importantly – designed specifically for that purposes.


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