Canvas Fabric

Canvas Fabric

You’re probably very familiar with canvas fabric as it’s commonly used for various projects like home decor, backpacks, tents, and even sails for boats! A lot of projects, such as making a tent, requires quite a bit of skill. That’s a common theme when working with canvas, it’s typically not for beginner sewers.

Canvas is typically made out of cotton, linen, or hemp. It’s an extremely heavy-duty material and comes in the form of two main types, plain and duck. The duck form is more tightly woven than the plain form which gives it a more seamless look and is often stronger than plain fabric.

Types of Canvas:

  • Waterproof

  • Dyed Canvas

  • Fire-Proof

With that being said, there are still plenty of projects you can make using a canvas that doesn’t necessarily require you to be an expert sewer. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll want to make sure you have the best canvas fabric possible. With so many options to choose from, we’ve done the research and narrowed down into one concise list of the best canvas fabrics you can buy.

  1. Mybecca Waterproof Canvas

Mybecca is a very reputable fabric company. If you’re looking to create something a little more sturdy like a boat sail, backpack, or outdoor cushions, this is a great option. It’s 600 x 600 denier canvas fabric and 100% polyester. It’s completely waterproof and mold resistant which is what makes it great for outdoor use.

We found that this canvas was very durable and remained its natural canvas color even with being exposed to sun and water.

  1. Nasco Unprinted Cotton Canvas

If you’re looking for a no-fuss canvas, this is your fabric. Nasco is also a very popular fabric company and is known for its quality fabric. This canvas fabric is no exception and is extremely durable.

This canvas however hasn’t been treated with any chemicals or solvents to prime it. This means that it’s great for painting on and used to create your own art canvas.

The only complaint we have seen from the reviews was that some customers received their canvas folded as opposed to rolled which required them to iron out the creases prior to working with it. Other than that, everyone was really happy with the quality of the fabric.

  1. The Original Tan Seamless Drop Cloth

This drop cloth is incredibly popular from home renovators to sewers alike. It’s great for protecting your floors when painting, but it’s even better to use it for making curtains or cushion covers. The possibilities are simply endless with this natural canvas drop cloth.

The fabric is 9 ft x 12 ft and there are no seams in the center of the fabric which allows you to truly accomplish anything with the fabric and not have to worry about awkward positioning.

Most commonly, people seem to be using this drop cloth to make indoor tents, outdoor rugs, and other home decors.

  1. CCS Chicago All Purpose Cloth

This all-purpose drop cloth is one of the top-rated canvas cloth on Amazon. It has over a 4.5-star review with over 2,000 reviews. It’s a cotton duck canvas and can be used as an all-purpose paint cover, but also makes for an excellent fabric for sewing projects.

It’s completely washable and extremely durable. Many customers have used this fabric to make curtains, cushion covers, or to upholster furniture. Everyone in the reviews has nothing but great things to say about it and seems like a sewers favorite, affordable canvas option.

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