Chenille Fabric

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Chenille Fabric

Chenille is a soft, durable, and beautiful fabric that is actually quite versatile. It’s incredibly easy to work with and is commonly used for crafting blankets and even clothing. If you’re in the market for chenille fabric for your next project, it’s important to note that not all chenille is the same.

The Benefits of Chenille:

  • Incredibly soft and cozy

  • It’s fairly strong, especially for a soft fabric

  • Easy to maintain

  • Usually comes in a variety of colors, weights, and sizes

Below we’ve put together a list of the best of the best when it comes to Chenille fabric and where you can purchase it at a great price too.

  1. Richland Textiles White Chenille Fabric

This fabric from Richland Textiles is an absolutely fantastic chenille fabric. It’s made up of 100% cotton and is so incredibly soft, yet extremely durable. It definitely stands the test of time and is easy to maintain with being machine washable and tumble dry on low.

The classic white color is neutral and can go with any style and compliment any sewing project. Our favorite way to use this fabric is by using it to make some throw pillows or a throw blanket! Especially around the Holidays, it gives a warm, cozy vibe to any space.

This fabric can be purchased by the yard and is incredibly easy to work with. It’s so perfect that we honestly couldn’t find any flaws with it!

  1. Terry Chenille Cotton Fabric

This chenille fabric is another great option and once again, made from 100% cotton material. The fibers in this fabric are extremely durable, yet soft, making it easy to care for fabric.

It has a classic tufted design which is ideal for a lot of sewing projects. We personally love using this fabric to make bed linens and stuffed animals for gifts! No matter what you decide to use this fabric to make, it will turn out absolutely stunning!

  1. Minky Minkee Chenille Dot Fabric

We absolutely love this Minky Minkee Chenille dot fabric! As you know, Minky fabric is absolutely perfect for anything cozy and warm. It’s incredibly popular for baby items and this chenille Minky fabric is no exception.

This chenille fabric is made out of 100% polyester, has a slight stretch to it and is lightweight. It has the traditional Minky dot design and is available in 38 colors. With the affordable price tag and how versatile the fabric is, it’s a great option if you’re in the market for a chenille fabric for your next project!

  1. Barcelona Turquoise Teal Soft Chenille

This fabric is an absolutely stunning turquoise teal color that is perfect for upholstering furniture. It’s a great, high-quality, heavyweight chenille fabric that would look absolutely beautiful for upholstering an ottoman, making curtains, as a throw pillow, purse, or clothing as well.

It’s 46-59” in width and sold by the yard. It’s incredibly soft and durable making it great for high traffic areas in your home. If you’re looking to add an elegant pop of color into your space, this chenille fabric is absolutely perfect!

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