Common Neckline Styles And Different Body Shapes They Suit Best (Part One)

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Common Neckline Styles And Different Body Shapes They Suit Best (Part One)

All The Neckline Styles Out There (Part One)

When it comes to the overall look and feel of your outfit, the neckline style is a defining factor as much as the waistline. Whether the outfit is formal or casual, feminine and playful or sophisticated and stylish – the choice of neck styles will determine.

Since it might be overwhelming seeing them all in one place, this guide is divided into two parts. Once you study the first one and let it settle in, move to the next one and find out even more neckline styles.

First Of All – How To Choose A Perfect Neckline Style?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right neckline style for your garment, including:

  • Body shape
  • Bust size
  • Décolleté line
  • Shoulder size
  • Neck length/thickness
  • Face shape

According to conventional wisdom, it is suggested that the large breasted gals should opt for higher necklines. Why this is actually a bad idea? Well, because the higher the neckline, the lower the chest area will look.

On the other hand, a too low cut can reveal more than it should and give a more vulgar impression. Moderation is the key, so women with larger bust sizes should aim towards the medium cuts.

It is also important to know that wider cuts of the neckline will make shoulders appear broader. It’s a nice trick for the ones with wider hips – wide necklines will create the illusion of balance between hips and shoulders.

Sweetheart neckline

One of the most popular choices for ball and wedding gowns, this extremely feminine neckline is flattering on a variety of figures. The heart-shaped bust line works great on full chested ladies who want to accentuate cleavage without revealing too much.

It is also suitable for petite, narrow-shouldered women since this line will create the illusion of curves and wider shoulders, while the exposed décolletage also balances well with the curves of a broad-hipped woman.

This style could be a standard sweetheart, ending on top of the shoulders, a spaghetti strap version, or a strapless sweetheart, but there are also numerous variations of this type of neckline, that this guide will address later on.

Bride in a wedding dress with sweetheart cut - the most used of neckline styles for wedding gowns

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Semi-sweetheart neckline

Very similar to the sweetheart style, yet special in its own way. The main difference is that the heart shape has a shallower curve instead of the defined point in the center. As for the body types, it is suitable for the same ones as the standard sweetheart neckline, which are almost all of them.

Pentagonal neckline

Another variation of the sweetheart neckline. However, instead of having a strapless sweetheart or the smooth curve of a standard one, this one combines a square neck with a sweetheart and finishes on the shoulders.

That way, the attention is drawn vertically and it’s a flattering choice for almost all body types, except for the ladies with very long necks since it accentuates it additionally.

Straight Across/Tube/Strapless neckline styles

Going straight from armpit to armpit, this neckline doesn’t correspond to so many figure types as the sweetheart variations. It makes narrow shoulders to look even smaller, so it’s not the best option for the petite physique.

As it draws focus on the arms and the shoulders, it also isn’t the best option for thicker or untoned arms. Ladies with square proportions and broad or medium, toned shoulders will look stunning in the wardrobe with this neckline.

Strapless wedding gown with tube neckline

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Bateau/Boat neckline

At the same time elegant and casual, boat neckline has the effect of broadening the shoulders, making it perfect for pear-shaped ladies, while ladies with broad shoulders should definitely avoid it. While it looks good on the ladies with larger bust size, it is ideal for the small-busted woman since it also accentuates the bust, giving it an illusion of fullness.

V-neck neckline

The neckline plunges from the shoulders down to a central point. A very popular choice because of its miraculous lengthening and slimming effects. The v-neck style creates a vertical focus, drawing the attention in a vertical line, making it flattering for all most all body shapes.

The only possible exception is the ladies with a very long neck since it accentuates cleavage, and makes the neck appear even longer. Also, women with larger bust sizes should keep in mind that a high V-cut can make chest area look a bit lower.

Gals with wide hips will surely benefit from a wider V-neck because the exposed skin will create an illusion of balance, as opposed to a plunging style.

Woman posing in a red dress with v-neck style

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Asymmetric/One-Shoulder neckline

You will recognize this cut from the sea of neckline styles by one shoulder exposed and one strapped. Quite a sophisticated way to show a bit of collar bone that’s sexy and classy at the same time. This style isn’t the best fit for broad-shouldered ladies, but slim ladies with narrow shoulders and toned arms can look amazing in clothing with this neckline.

Illusion neckline

From all the necklines, this might have the most gorgeous effect. It is created by two necklines – one higher and constructed of a sheer fabric and one lower. For ball gowns, wedding dresses or more elegant attire, the sheer fabric may even feature embroidered detail or sequin work.

The cut of the lower neckline will dictate which body types will look the most flattering in it.
If you still don’t know your body type, the video below might help you determine it:

Just Scratching The surface

It is surprising just how much different necklines are out here. It seems like the more you research, the more you discover, as like the designers are making up the new ones every single day. This guide showed you just some of the most common forms, but it barely scratched the surface.

Let these guidelines sink in a bit. After they do, move on to Part Two and discover even more neckline styles and body shapes they are most suitable for. When you examine all of them, you can begin your sewing project knowing exactly which neckline to create.


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