Common Neckline Styles And Different Body Shapes They Suit Best (Part Two)

Woman setting in a chair wearing blue dress with a round neckline style
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Common Neckline Styles And Different Body Shapes They Suit Best (Part Two)

Common Neckline Styles And Different Body Shapes They Suit Best (Part Two)

If you don’t know which neckline styles are the best for your body shape by now, hit the mall before starting your sewing project. Try out the different ones and determine which one you look the best on you. Then think is it suitable for the attire you’re planning to sew, but also the fabric you wish to work with.

Just remember – different necklines might look better on certain body shapes, but there are so many neckline styles. Each body shape looks great in a number of them, so the options aren’t at all limited.

In Part One of this guide we’re introduced with:

  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Semi-sweetheart neckline
  • Pentagonal neckline
  • Straight Across/Tube/Strapless neckline styles
  • Bateau/Boat neckline
  • V-neck neckline
  • Asymmetric/One-Shoulder neckline
  • Illusion neckline

Now it’s time to tackle all the other common neckline styles and see what body shapes they correspond with the best.

Woman modeling a green satin dress with a off shoulder neckline

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Scoop or Round Neckline

Plunging down in a half-moon shaped curve, this type of neckline works well on different body shapes. However, it all depends on the dimensions – proportions of your body should be opposite to the proportions of the scope cut. For narrow shoulders, the scope should be wider, while for wider shoulders require a narrower cut of this type.

This is one of those neckline styles that can compliments both small-busted ladies by creating the illusion of a larger bust, as well to disguise the bust size on a full-busted woman.

Woman wearing a white shirt with round neckline

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Halter Cut

This cut resembles an inverted v-neck which comes together behind the neck instead of ending on the shoulders, meaning it is always sleeveless. It provides support in the bust area, while still being flattering, which makes this style widely popular for sportswear, swimsuits and party dresses.

Women with downsloping shoulders should avoid this cut, as it will only accentuate the slope. Also, it makes big breasts to seem a lot bigger, and it doesn’t really flatter larger ladies. It is the most suitable neckline for sporty women or slim, small busted gals with slender arms.

Off the shoulder (Bardot) As One Of The Basic Neckline Styles

This neckline cuts straight across in a long line, ending on the upper arm instead of on the shoulder. This way, it is exposing the whole collarbone and shoulders. Off-shoulder cut is the most suitable for ladies with a medium bust, toned shoulders and arms and a long neck. Due to visually shoulder broadening effect, this style balances proportions out wide hips.

For the same reasons, it should be avoided by ladies who are top-heavy set, have a full bust or broad shoulders.

Cowl Neckline Style

A very feminine cut that is flattering on all body types, but especially looks great on fuller ladies. It consists of draping of excess fabric and gives a flowy, youthful appearance. Since it is very stylish, this neckline works excellently on elegant dresses, as well as casual blouses.

Woman modeling black blouse with cowl cut - one of the most common neckline styles

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High neck cut, mostly used in winter clothes, but the sleeveless options for warmer weather are also very modern and popular. Since it covers the neck, it visually shortens the neck, making it quite suitable for offsetting a long neck or long thin face. It also looks great on women with smaller bust sizes, while the better option for more endeavored ladies in the chest areas will be a combination of turtleneck and cow neckline.

Following video reveals some tips on how to make a turtleneck dresses:

Gathered Cut Is One Of The Most Popular Neckline Styles

Also called peasant or gypsy neckline, this style is very popular in spring and summer clothing designs. A gathered fabric is following the cut of the garment and usually falls on shoulders, making it a version of off the shoulder neckline. These cuts are most common, but a fully gathered neckline can also be in the shape of a low or high scoop. This style comes in many forms, so it can be elasticized or fastened at the back as well.

It gives a bohemian and sophisticated look and usually goes in pair with breezy light fabric, perfect for hot days. Models with this neckline that are falling over the shoulders do make shoulders look wider, but the ruffled material surrounding the cut is taking over the focus. Hence, it is suitable for all types of figures.

Woman in the beautiful pink dress with gathered cut

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Neckline With Many Names – Slash, Split or Notch Cut

Combination of round neckline with the V-neck effect. In its essence, it’s a scoop neck with a split cut in the middle. This flattering design complements almost every body shape, provided that the rules for choosing scoop neck cut are followed.

This style is mostly used for light tunics and long sleeve garments which can be very feminine and sophisticated. It suits both petite women and fuller ladies who want to show an inch of cleavage without going overboard.

Dress with a variation of notch neckline that falls on shoulders

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Grecian neckline

This stylish and It looks best on women, it will also make broad shoulders appear even broader so beware.

Feminine, stylish and seductive neckline extends from beneath the arms up to the middle chest where a circular strap will support and fasten it behind the neck. Most commonly used for maxi dresses, Grecian neckline can be both casual and glamorous – depending on the fabric.

Ladies with toned shoulders and slender arms will look dashing in the garments with this cut. On the contrary, it doesn’t look so flattering on the broad shoulders since it makes them seem even broader.

Final Thoughts On The Neckline Styles

As you can see, there are a lot of styles you can choose from for your sewing project. And these are just the most common ones. There are many more variations, but these are more than enough to make your head spin.

Examine your body shape read which styles suit best for your figure and try to incorporate them in your next sewing project. Keep in mind the overall look you want to achieve, as wells as the fabric you tend to use. Follow the tips from both parts of this guide, have fun with your sewing machine, pick the most flattering of these neckline styles and you will surely enjoy the results.


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