Consew 206RB

Consew 206RB-5

Consew 206RB

Since 1898, Consew has been designing and manufacturing reliable and quality sewing machines. Today, Consew is one of the top manufactures for not only sewing machines but for cutting and pressing equipment, sewing supplies, to everything you could possibly need to complete a sewing project.

Consew has dedicated time to creating sewing machines that do it all. They have sewing machines that are designed to handle sewing leather, canvas, shoes, saddles, mattresses, tents, tarps, sails, and just your ordinary jeans. Needless to say, they know what it takes to create a powerful sewing machine and this Consew 206RB-5 is no exception.


This Consew 206RB-5 sewing machine is perfect for light to heavy-weight materials including leather, upholstery, and canvas. It’s specifically designed for upholstery work and therefore can handle just about anything. With the extra-long stitch, large bobbin, high presser foot lift, switching from light to heavy fabric has never been easier.

The machine has an all gear driven hook mechanism, centralized arm lubrication, adjustable reverse stitching, and a locking stitch regulator to prevent changes in stitch length from vibration. This machine is about handling the toughest projects in the best, more precise way.

Ideal For

  • Upholstery
  • Difficult Fabrics
Pros Cons
Great for Difficult Fabrics Pricey


Our Opinion

If you’re working on a lot of upholstery projects or with difficult fabrics like canvas or leather, this machine is bound to cut down the time and added stress that comes along with those fabrics. This machine is heavy-duty and with that, it comes at a price. Although it’s a really fair price for the quality and durability of this machine, it is definitely on the pricier side when it comes to sewing machines. That being said, with this machine upholstery has never been easier.

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

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