Consew 9048

Consew 9048

Consew 9048

Consew has dedicated time to creating sewing machines that do it all. They have sewing machines that are designed to handle sewing leather, canvas, shoes, saddles, mattresses, tents, tarps, sails, and just your ordinary jeans. Needless to say, they know what it takes to create a powerful sewing machine and this Consew 9048 is no exception.

This multi-function, portable home sewing machine is great for all your basic sewing needs and some! It’s similar to the Consew Model 9036 with some additional features and functions, offering you a step-up.


This Consew 9048 sewing machine features 48 built-in patterns and 4-step buttonhole stitches compared to the Consew Model 9036 that only has 36 built-in stitches. It has an automatic needle threader, built-in bobbin winder, and customizing the stitch is incredibly easy with just a turn of the knob.

It features adjustable thread tension. Thread chain trimmer, shuttle hook system and front-loading bobbin, along with a fast-changing presser foot. Transportation is incredibly easy with the portable design and the built-in carry handle.

Ideal For

  • Beginners
  • Everyday Sewing
Pros Cons
750 Stitches Per Minute Somewhat Limited


Our Opinion

This Consew 9048 is your everyday, standard sewing machine model with a few extras. It’s a step up in some ways to the Consew 9036 with more built-in stitches, but lacks in other areas compared to that model as well. Although it’s not specifically designed for beginners, it’s a beginner-friendly model with standard functions and a durable body. With being able to sew 750 stitches per minute, you can get projects done speedily and precisely. The machine is somewhat limited compared to other models with only 48 built-in stitches, but for the price tag, it’s a great value.

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

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