Flexible Foam Interfacing Fabric

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Flexible Foam Interfacing Fabric

If you’re familiar with Vera Bradley bags, then you’ve seen flexible foam interfacing in action. Vera Bradley bags are extremely popular for their colorful designs, lightweight fabric, and quality structure bags. They’re so popular that a lot of sewers try to replicate and make similar style bags. If you’re interested in making these style bags, flexible foam interfacing is a must.

What Is Flexible Foam Interfacing

Flexible foam interfacing is just as it’s stated in the name, flexible foam. It’s super lightweight and allows bags like the Vera Bradley bags to keep their shape in a lightweight, flexible way.

The foam part is in between two layers of fabric that are super soft and very thin. Most flexible foam products are made of polyester which allows them to last a while and stay the same size and not shrink. Being made from polyester also allows the product to be washed without ruining it.

There are two flexible foam interfacing, sew-in ones, and fusible ones. Regardless of the type, this foam can squish in any direction and for any length of time. When it’s released, it will go back to its original shape as if nothing happened.

Benefits of Flexible Foam

The fact that flexible foam interfacing doesn’t lose its shape regardless of how long it’s bent, squashed, or trampled on is a huge benefit of using this foam in your designs. Especially when it comes to tote bags, something that is usually stuffed, put on the ground, and not always treated the best, having this ability to ‘bounce back’ is a huge pro of using this flexible foam interfacing.

Flexible foam is also great for anything to do with travel or that you would want to make more compact.

Lastly, flexible foam interfacing gives your items a more professional, structured appearance to your sewing project. This is very desirable for many sewers, especially if they’re wanting to sell their projects.

Where to Buy

There are only a few brands that actually offer flexible foam interfacing so you don’t have many options to choose from.

Soft and Stable

Soft and Stable is a very popular brand that’s used mostly when it comes to tote bags. It’s also one of the most durable foams on the market.

Bosal In-R-Foam

Bosal In-R-Foam is a more unique foam with being denser and sturdier than other competitors like Soft and Stable. Therefore, this foam is able to hold it’s shape a lot more and is more ideal for larger bags like tote bags.

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