How To Sew A Surgical Scrub Hat

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How To Sew A Surgical Scrub Hat

Health care workers are rightfully being championed as the true heroes of this current pandemic, especially those front-liners in hospitals, health care centers, and nursing homes. So it’s heartbreaking to see that even the simplest of supplies designed to keep these workers safe are in woefully short supply.

So today let’s see how we can give back by learning how to sew a surgical scrub hat. It’s not a particular tricky or complicated project; it only consists of two pieces, and novices should have no problem picking this up easily. Once you’ve got the basics down, you should be able to quickly crank ‘em out!


Think about making batches of ten (or more) that you can then donate. Your local hospital or health care center will be more than happy to accept whatever you can give. Depending on your time, you could make it a regular thing. It’s a great way to give back to those who are giving so much of themselves during this pandemic.

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What You’ll Need

The typical surgical scrub cap pattern consists of two pieces: a bottom “forehead” that covers the forehead and ties in the back and a top that keeps the hair away from the face. Elastic in the back helps accommodate a bun or ponytail.

Constructing a surgical scrub hat involves some of the usual sewing tools like a sewing machine, pins, scissors, and an iron, but you’ll also need a loop turner, a handy gadget used for turning bias stubbing, button loops, frog closures, purse straps, and shoulder straps. Here’s a good one.

Not acquainted with a loop turner? This video serves as a nice introduction:

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You’ll also need a ½ yard of cotton fabric, 4 inches of 1/8” to 1/4″ elastic, and matching thread. When picking fabrics for medical professionals, choose a cotton or poly/cotton blend as it has a much better bacterial protection, especially for surgery room workers. Give your caps some life by choosing fun patterns or cheerful colors; anything than the basic blue!

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How to Sew A Surgical Scrub Cap!

  1. First, jump online and find a printable surgical cap pattern. There’s no shortage of free patterns you can choose from, but for our purposes, pick out a pattern that uses elastic and has a tied backing. When printing a pattern, be sure your printer is set to Actual Size or 100%

  1. Once you’ve chosen a pattern, use an iron to flatten out any folds or kinks in your fabric before cutting. Follow the directions of the pattern to cut out your top and bottom pieces. Some people like to serge the straight and curved sides to ensure a stronger hold in the seams, but it’s not necessary. Your trusty sewing machine will work just fine.
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  1. Next, fold the straight side by 1/2” and sew into place. Insert the elastic with your loop turner (above) and then sew both ends to secure the elastic.
  2. If you’re serging, serge the forehead/tie on both sides. Then, sew the straight side to the cap and mark the middle.
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  1. Mark the middle of the cap and pin the middle of the forehead/tie on the straight side. Pin all around the piece and sew at 1/2” (above).
  1. Pin and turn the hem 1/2″ and sew.
  1. Fold the tie from the elastic to the end 1/2″ and sew.

There’s no better way to feel like you’re making a difference than to donate to good causes. If you’re making and donating your hand-made surgical caps or masks, let it be known on social media that you are offering that valuable service. Spread the word! If you build it, as they say, they will come.

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