Jacquard Fabric

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Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard is an incredibly sturdy, yet soft, stunning fabric that is very popular for seamstresses to have readily on hand. Jacquard comes in a variety of different styles and can be used for anything from home decor to clothing, making an extremely popular fabric. Luckily, because it’s so popular, fabric stores in person and online will have no shortage of jacquard fabric on hand.

One of the benefits of jacquard fabric is how it’s weaved. The pattern on the fabric is weaved directly into the fabric so you are able to see it from both sides. Jacquard fabric also comes in a variety of different patterns and colors allowing you to create a variety of different looks with this one type of fabric.

With any type of fabric, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality possible, especially when ordering online. After doing our research, we have compiled a list of the best jacquard fabrics online for you to conveniently purchase in the comfort of your home!

  1. Fabric Empire Jacquard Fabric

This is one of the best jacquard fabrics we have found. It’s made up of 100% polyester and is extremely sturdy, yet soft. It’s easy to care for and easy to work with. It’s also machine washable making it a great fabric to work with.

We love these deep wine color as it adds a bit of elegance to any dress, scarf, or handbag, but there are a variety of different colors available in this same jacquard fabric.

  1. Eroica Jacquard Fabric

Erocia Jacquard fabrics stand out on their own because of the exquisite patterns they have available. Their choices are truly endless and if you’re on the hunt for something more unique, Erocia Fabric is the place to go.

All fabric is 100% polyester, sturdy, and easy to work with. It’s also easy to care for with being machine washable. It’s great for upholstering, making a blanket, or creating an absolutely stunning evening dress. It’s affordably priced and is very highly reviewed.

  1. Brocade Jacquard Fabric

Brocade Fabric has a variety of different patterns and colors to choose from. The fabric is made of rayon and chemical fibers, giving it a sturdy feeling. It comes in about 30” x 40” pieces and conveniently available on Amazon.

It’s a little pricer than the other options, but the patterns are stunning and the quality is extremely nice and therefore worth the investment.

  1. Regal Fabrics Jacquard Fabric

Fabrics from Regal Fabrics are truly one-of-a-kind jacquard design. Their fabrics have a very unique, Southwestern-inspired design to them that you typically don’t see with jacquard fabrics. It’s made of 100% polyester and perfect for creating unique skirts, dresses, as well as home linens such as curtains. They have a wide variety of fabrics, but all of them have a very unique design and feel that you won’t find anywhere else.

The price is a little steeper, but that is expected since it’s incredibly unique.

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