Juki MCS-1500

Juki MCS-1500

Juki MCS-1500

Juki is known for its outstanding sewing machines. This machine is no exception and Juki has created the perfect beast of a machine for creating a chain and cover stitches. This machine is designed to create the most perfect seams possible, which is what you would expect for a machine with a price tag like this one.


The Juki sewing machine is designed to create flawless seams. It does this with its three separate needles, all with color-coded threading. It has a variety of specific functions designed for when you’re working on seams on cuffs, necklines, hems, and much more.

It’s overall a really well-designed specialty sewing machine. It features a simple to thread looper, adjustable presser foot, feed features to customize to the particular fabric you are working with. There are also little additional small touches that make a big difference like the seam guidelines on the extension plate to ensure you’re always sewing straight, and the built-in thread utter on the pressure foot.

Ideal For

  • Specialty Designs
  • Hems
  • Seams
Pros Cons
1350 Stitches Per Minute Pricey
Works well for a variety of fabric


Our Opinion

If you’re looking for a specialty machine to master your necklines, hems, and other seams, you can’t go wrong with this Juki. It’s quiet, fast and easy to operate the machine. It has additional small touches throughout the machine that end up making a big difference in your sewing experience such as the seam guidelines. It’s definitely more expensive than other machines, but for good reason. It can handle just about any fabric and sewing project you throw at it.

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

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