Minky Fabric

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Minky Fabric

Minky fabric has become a very popular fabric and fast. It’s one of the softest fabrics, it’s easy to work with, and is incredibly warm. With all these great traits, it’s no wonder why it’s so popular for making blankets, the inside of jackets, and anything you’re looking to achieve that ‘faux fur’ look.

Although Minky fabric doesn’t completely resemble a realistic fur-like appearance like actual faux fur does, it still gives that same kind of feel but is a lot more affordable, easier to care for, and a lot more durable. It has a short pile and is incredibly soft, almost similar to cashmere or high-quality chenille. It’s commonly made out of either polyester or cotton and comes in a variety of colors and fun patterns. Especially in children’s clothing, hats, gloves, PJs, or blankets, Minky is incredibly popular and you’ll probably start to notice it in a variety of different pieces when shopping at the mall.

Some of the reasons why Minky fabric is so popular:

  • It’s extremely durable and can withstand wear and tear

  • It’s incredibly soft

  • It is so versatile

  • It’s unique and fun with different colors and patterns to choose from

Below we’ve included some great Minky fabric options to choose from.

  1. Michael Miller Minky Fabric

This Minky fabric is made up of 100% polyester and is medium to heavyweight. It comes in various colors and patterns and is extremely durable. The fabric can be ordered in both one yard or half yard increments and is the perfect fabric for making everything from scarves to even stuffed animals.

This fabric is also easy to care for with being machine washable and tumble dry safe. Overall, making this fabric a great option and one of our favorites.

  1. Minky Arrows Minky Print Fabric

If you’re looking for a Minky fabric that is a bit more fun and colorful, this Arrows print is perfect! With different color arrows, this fabric is absolutely great to make a blanket, scarf, jacket, or even a pair of PJs.

This fabric is 100% polyester and is medium in weight. Just like the other Minky fabric, it’s incredibly soft, easy to care for and extremely durable. All are reasons why it’s incredibly popular to make children’s clothes with. It’s available in both one yard and half yard increments although you’ll want to order extra because once you get your hands on this fabric, you’ll want to make tons of projects with it!

  1. Richloom Minky Straw Fabric

This Minky fabric is by far one of the most unique Minky fabrics you can find. The fabric itself kind of resembles straw, which is how it received the name Richloom Minky Straw fabric. It’s made of 100% cotton and is more on the breathable side compared to other Minky fabrics. Just like all the other Minky fabrics, it’s extremely durable and also incredibly soft.

Unfortunately, the only downside is that it does have to be hand washed or dry cleaned which can be a bit of a pain. It is also a little bit more difficult to work with compared to other traditional Minky fabrics. However, if you’re looking for something extremely unique for your blankets, plush toys, or clothing, this fabric is worth the extra care time.

  1. Shannon Fabrics Minky Cuddle Rosie

We absolutely love this Cuddle Rosie blush Minky fabric from Shannon Fabrics. It would be absolutely stunning as a little girl’s blanket or incorporated in a nursery. It’s machine washable and tumble dry on low which makes it easy to care for. It’s extremely durable and can handle the wear and tear like a pro! It’s 100% polyester and comes in 1-yard increments.

It’s such a beautiful fabric that will add a pop to any space!

  1. Minky Dimple Dot Fabric

If you’re looking for an excellent blanket fabric, this solid Minky dimple dot fabric is absolutely perfect. As you know, Minky is incredibly durable and will stand the test of time. There is a range of colors to choose from which makes using this fabric to make a children’s blanket or clothing extremely fun and customizable.

The fabric is made from 100% polyester and is sold in one-yard quantity. It’s absolutely perfect to use to make blankets, PJs, loungewear, stuffed animals, or anything that you would like to be a little extra cozy!

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