Suteck Electric Sewing Machine

Suteck Electric Sewing Machine

Suteck Electric Sewing Machine

Suteck sewing machines are designed to be practical and a great learning tool for kids to understand the ins and outs of sewing, while still letting their creativity run wild. Their sewing machines tend to be much more affordable than competitors and allow you to test out the waters before diving in and investing in a high-quality machine.

That being said, Suteck has a few sewing machines that are more “up-scale” compared to their $34 sewing machine. On the higher end, this Portable Electric Sewing Machine is a little more advanced and will cost you around $130.


This Suteck sewing machine has a lot more functions than their $35 machines. This electronic portable sewing machine has 12 stitch patterns included. It additionally has a cuff slot on the bottom of the machine to make it incredibly easy to sew sleeves or pants. It has back stitching and buttonhole options built-in to the machine, which is incredibly useful, especially for beginners.

It’s a dual-threaded, 2-speed, double power supplied machine. This makes it easy for you to take on the go. You can either use the cord or batteries to power the machine. It has a large extension table for adamant workspace and you only need to turn the gears to switch the stitches.

It has a decent amount of features which makes it absolutely perfect for beginners and children to learn the ins and outs of the sewing world.

Ideal For

  • Kids
  • Everyday Sewing
Pros Cons
Accessories Included Pricey for What It Is
Great for Kids
12 Stitching Patterns


Our Opinion

This sewing machine from Suteck is not a bad little sewing machine to get started on. If you’re a more advanced beginner or your children are a bit more advanced for a $34 Suteck sewing machine, this Portable Electric Sewing Machine may be a great option for you. The only issue we have with this sewing machine is the price. For $130, we feel like you might be better off investing a little bit more money to get a name brand machine like Janome and something that has a bit more of a reputation in the sewing machine industry. However, the ratings are pretty good and with the added accessories, it does make a great option for children to learn how to sew.

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

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