These Hacks Will Help You To Find Time To Sew

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These Hacks Will Help You To Find Time To Sew

These Hacks Will Help You To Find Time To Sew

At the face pace of today’s living pace, navigating between a job, home chores, and social life has become quite challenging. Add to that a couple of toddlers or a demanding pet, and it seems like it’s impossible to find time to sew. Not with other things that are demanding your attention. But finding time to sew in your busy schedule you should think as a relaxing activity you deserve.

Let’s remember that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“, and we all know what happened to the leading character in The Shining. If sewing is something that puts a smile on your place, takes the edge off and makes you less stressed, then you should pursue it. Think about your beloved hobby like a form of the vent – something we all need from time to time.

No matter how much your lifestyle is hectic or busy, you have to find time to incorporate sewing into your routine. And here’s how to do it.

Find Time To Saw By Setting Realistic Goals

To find time to sew, you need to know exactly what your next project will be. There are so many interesting things you can do, from quilting full-sized bread spread to sewing a dress for a celebration, as well as tempting modifications and repairs in between. A person can easily get lost and start to make one piece just to end up with a completely different one. If it is finished at all.

Hence, project planning. It will take you just a few minutes and it can save you hours. Never start a new project if you didn’t finish or dismissed the last one. The clear vision of what your goal is should always be in your sight.

If you want to see an output fast, take on smaller projects like quilted pot holders or easier modifications of the exciting wardrobe for example. For those who have patience as their virtue and are prepared to work in “installments”, bigger projects are quite doable. Either way, select the one that suits your preferences and abilities. Sewing should be relaxing and not the source of even more stress.

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Realistic Deadlines

Speaking of stress, nothing can elevate it more than the time pressure. When your hobby is in question, you are the one that dictates the “deadlines“. Don’t make the ones you know that are impossible to keep. If you have an hour a day to spare on sewing it is quite unrealistic forcing yourself to finish a big project in two days.

Time pressure turns hobby into a nightmare, instead of fun activity. So give yourself a break and make looser deadlines for your sewing projects that you can keep. In fact, give yourself more time to sew something then you might need. If you finish early, you will be quite pleased with yourself which can inspire and motivate you to create new sewing endeavors.

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Add Sewing To Your Daily Schedule

If you really want to sew then you have to add sewing time to your weekly or daily schedule. Organized people with a lot on their plate have to-do lists for all their daily activities, including hobbies. When you know how busy your whole week is, you can see the gaps in between your chores and find time to sew in them.

If you have in your schedule some leisure activities like reading a book for an hour before you go to bed, cut that time in half and use it for sewing. Or replace it for one or a few days completely. When our days are very busy, sometimes we have to sacrifice the time to spend on one relaxing activity to create a place for another one.

Now Stick To This Schedule

Once you find time to sew and put in your schedule, it is crucial to learn to stick to it. Don’t skip it if you haven’t done the chores right before it. If you get in your head that sewing that it’s not that important, then you’ll find things you consider more urgent to do again and again. Before you know it, your brand new sewing machine is collecting dust for weeks until you find time for it, but then you might not don’t even remember where you left off.

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Have A Dedicated Sewing Area

When you don’t have much time to dedicate to sewing, every minute is important. Don’t waste it by looking for cluttered and disorganized sewing supplies. Prevent this by having a designated area in your home where you will keep your machine, supplies, and sewing tools in one place. The most effective way to save time when sawing is to have all your material drawers arranged side by side and reachable from where you’ll be sitting.

Following video reveals a few interesting ideas for organizing your sewing area:

You Deserve To Find Time To Sew

Many of us don’t find time to sew or indulge some other hobby because we don’t see the real importance of it. There are so many other pressing things to be done that this becomes luxury we don’t have time to do. But as the visit to the dentist is crucial for the health of your teeth, taking a couple of hours a week to enjoy an activity that makes you happy is crucial for your mind.

Taking some time to yourself doesn’t make you selfish. Quite the contrary, it makes you generous because you are bettering yourself. If you are better for yourself, you will take better care of your loved ones. Once you see it from this point of view, your perspective might change and you will find time to sew much easier.

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